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© Krystle Wright
BY Sam Edmonds

Five options for taking your photography underwater

Some of the most inspiring images we see are made beneath the water’s surface. Photographers like Krystle Wright, Trent Mitchell and Paul Nicklen have brought the underwater world to light with images of the deep that inspire us like none others.

But to (literally) dip your toe into underwater photography can be daunting for many just starting out. The thought of taking your precious camera equipment into the ocean can be a major hurdle but on top of that, photographing beneath the surface can be a steep technical learning curve.

To lessen this, we’ve rounded up the best options on the market to quickly and easily take to the ocean with a camera. From entry-level camera “bags” through professional-grade water housings, there’s any option for all budding sea-shooters.

Undoubtedly the quickest (and maybe the most fun) way to take your photography underwater is to pick up a GoPro 8. Famed for their small form factor but large resolution punch (the GoPro Hero 8 Black can shoot 4k at 60 frames per second), GoPros have become an essential for adventures through to TV production crews. As they can literally fit in your pocket and are made from the ground up to be waterproof, these cameras are almost indestructible and offer some great image quality for still images as well as moving. Shop GoPro
DSLR Waterproof Bag
For those with a camera already (especially a mirrorless or DSLR) and are looking to adapt it to the water, a waterproof camera “bag” is a quick, cheap and versatile option for housing your equipment in the ocean. Made from durable yet flexible plastic and with a depth rating to 16 feet, this option is limited in terms of image quality and robustness but a great solution for anyone looking to try their hand at water photography for the first time. The DicaPac range comes in a variety of sizes to suit various popular camera models. Shop Waterproof Bag
iPhone Waterproof Case
With the popularity of the iPhone and continuing improvements to iPhone cameras, phone-based water photography has become an accessible option with several water housings now made just for iPhone on the market. While brands like otter box and life proof offer a waterproof skin for your device, the Aquatech AxisGo is designed from the ground up specifically for iPhone photography. Made from both plastic and steel and featuring interchangeable glass lens ports, the AxisGo is the best way to optimise iPhone performance in the water. Shop Waterproof Case
Waterproof Point & Shoot
As an alternative to a Go-Pro, another off-the-shelf waterproof camera option is the range of “tough” cameras on the market. Built from the ground up for waterproofing and durability, models like the Olympus TG-6 offer similar video and photo resolutions to the GoPro but more lens versatility for photographers in particular. Priced around $500, these models often also include GPS and a field sensor system to keep track of where your water photos were made! Shop Waterproof Camera
DSLR Waterhousing
When out in the wilderness, it can often be days until we are able to download images to a laptop. Meaning that those beautiful photographs you shot on day one that haven’t been backed up can be exposed to the dangers of file corruption, damaged cameras or lost memory cards for some time! A great way to avoid this is to take a “smart” backup drive into the field. These nifty units like the Gnarbox 2.0 let you backup in the field. Simply plug your SD card straight into the unit and it will make a carbon copy of everything on it! The Gnarbox is water, shock and dust resistant and features a tiny screen so battery life is extended for days. Shop DSLR Waterhousing

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